Since the 1980s, Toshiba has long been cultivating experiences and technologies of the banknote processing machines for both central banks and commercial sectors. As our latest accomplishment, we bring to the market our next generation, innovatively compact online strapping desktop currency sorter, IBS-1000. The IBS-1000 consists of the main, expansion, and strapping modules and offers highly efficient, various system solutions according to customer operations. While maintaining the industryʼs highest level processing speed, ergonomics design has been adopted for easy-to-use, seated operation

PT.Teknika Sarana Gardian has been Sell and Servicing Toshiba Currecy Sorter since 2014 with the highest-quality, factory-trained technicians in the market. We have now been authorized by Thosiba as a single-source Sales and Service Provider in Indonesia.

Why the Toshiba IBS-1000

  • 1. Tabletop
  • 2. Feeds up to 1,000/notes per minutes
  • 3. Offers batch card Prossesing
  • 4. Feeder Capacity of up to 2,000 notes for less idle time
  • 5. Compact, high-speed strapping
  • 6. Easy-to-use interface with integrated touch screen panel
  • 7. Flexible:Expadable up to 11-Modules
  • 8. Easy to maintain,upgrade and expad

With hundreds of experienced technician across Indonesia, TSG offers service contact to meet all operations, Please ask us about a service agreement that can be tailored your needs.

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